About Us


Since its foundation in 1951, PALMASOLA S/A has always valued ethical relationships, professionalism in business, investments in new technologies, development of new products, valorization of its employees and satisfaction of its customers. These forces remain alive and present in the day-to-day of our work, and are the main responsible for the solid position that PALMASOLA S/A engage in the ranking of brazilian plywood industry.

Headquartered in Palma Sola, Santa Catarina, the plywood plant is based on a 25,000 m² industrial park, where more than 600 employees annually produce over 50,000 m³ of plywood per year. Palmasola’s products attends both domestic and export market.

PALMASOLA S/A in its pioneering spirit, built bridges, recovered roads, installed a thermoelectric plant to achieve energy self-sufficiency. The raw material comes from more than 3,000 hectares of own reforestation near by the plant.

The quality of the products is guaranteed by quality procedures implemented in each of the manufacturing stages. These procedures include laboratory tests and simulations on the behavior of products under extreme conditions of use, thus testing their resistance limits. All work is performed by highly trained team, qualified and motivated employees to achieve the results and their professional development.

Based on a well-structured Quality Policy and aligned with the company’s ideals, and with internationally recognized certifications, such as ISO 9001, which specifies requirements for a Quality Management System, we affirm our commitment to quality and customer’s satisfaction.

In June 2018, Palmasola S/A went through a process to professinalization of its management structure. Seeking to incorporate good governance practices, the Board of Directors was established and a new Executive Board was elected.

Our History

Founded in 1951, the company Palmasola Madeiras e Colonização Ltda was created with the objective of explore and sell woods, and then promote the colonization of the Palma Sola region. In 1955, starts its export activities, sending sawn wood to Argentina and Paraguay.

Of great importance for the development of the municipality, Palmasola installed in 1961 a fuel and lubricant station, constructed a small hydroelectric plant in 1962, and started in 1973 the performance of agricultural activities, producing corn and soybeans.

The wood lamination activities began in 1977, exporting wood veneer to Argentina, and soon starts its plywood panels production.

In 2000 a subsidiary was opened in the city of Brasnorte/MT, with activities of sustainable rainforest management, sawmill and lamination.

With 70 years of existence, and more than 45 years of experience in the field of plywood and wood veneers production, Palmasola S/A stands out for the reliability of its products, delivering the quality of our brand, in the automotive and construction sectors, and serving more than 20 countries.

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Produce and guarantee the long-term supply of plywood for the construction, automotive and furniture segments, generating value for our customers, profit for our shareholders, offering professional growth opportunities for our employees, operating in line with expectations society and the local community.


The satisfied customer is the reason for our organization. We want to be seen by Brazilian and international society as a reference for the new wood industry.


Promote profit through the sustainable use of available resources, operate within ethical standards, follow the principles of citizenship, and value human beings. Operate in harmony with the environment and use natural sources of electrical energy. Produce within the principles of environmental responsibility, follow the rules of Forest Management and Chain of Custody.

Quality policy

  • Produce plywood that meets customer needs in terms of quality, delivery time and after-sales service.
  • Obtain and maintain the main certifications in our segment to operate in national and international markets.
  • Promote employee training, encouraging critical analysis and teamwork for professional and personal improvement.
  • Form stable, transparent and long-term partnerships with suppliers.
  • Encourage communication and the exchange of information with society and employees, with a view to building a good working environment and good external relationships.

Environmental Policy

The Environmental Policy of Palmasola S/A Madeiras and Agriculture is the term of commitment to society. The company’s activities have as a principle the conservation of the environment for future generations, through the commitment to indicators to be followed to achieve good social, economic and environmental relationships. The objectives of the Environmental Policy are:

  • Follow the environmental regulations and laws established by the government.
  • Investing in the production process by reducing possible pollutant emissions, ensuring the health and well-being of employees and the community.
    Valuing the benefits generated by forest conservation.
  • Improvement of social conditions in the region where its activities are covered.
  • Use thermal and hydraulic energy from renewable resources, thus promoting the conservation of natural resources.
  • Produce and sell products whose predominant composition has contributed decisively to carbon sequestration from the atmosphere.
  • Promote the use of forest raw material from responsible forests.
  • Establish a system for the reception and handling of possible complaints, maintaining an open channel with the entire society.
  • Disseminate the Environmental Policy to all stakeholders, that is its employees, partners, customers, suppliers, community and bodies involved.

Complaints Handling Policy

We understand that complaints are part of the organization’s continuous improvement process, and that is why Palmasola S/A – Madeiras and Agriculture establishes, through its Complaint Handling Policy, a procedure for receiving, handling and monitoring complaints and comments from customers or any stakeholder regarding our organization’s compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Management System, the FSC® Chain of Custody and the consumption of controlled wood.

Complaints receipt

  • Any customer, employee or stakeholder may submit their complaint/suggestion through Palmasola S/A communication channels. An initial response will be given to the complainant within two (2) weeks.

Handling complaints

  • All complaints received will be analyzed and, if applicable, a Non-Compliance Report will be opened to investigate the causes and propose corrective and preventive actions within three (3) months after receipt.
  • NOTE 1: In the case of complaints related to the consumption of controlled wood, a field verification must be conducted to the supplier within two (2) months after receipt. If corrective action cannot be determined and/or carried out, the relevant raw material and/or suppliers shall be excluded by the organization;
  • NOTE 2: Whenever a complaint process is related to any of the company’s certifications, the entire process of receiving, investigating and resolving the complaint must be accompanied by the respective certified body. The claimant and the certified body must be notified whenever the claim is successfully resolved and closed.

Complaint Monitoring

  • All complaints/suggestions must be documented and monitored through the complaints monitoring worksheet by the quality sector.

Communication channels

  • Website: palmasola.com.br
  • E-mail: qualidade@palmasola.com.br
  • Telephone +55 (49) 3652-3000
  • Address: Avenida Crestani, 515, Palma Sola – CEP 89985-000 – Santa Catarina, Brasil