Forest management

With most of our products manufactured through our own forests, in partnership with the company Barra do Cravarí Agroflorestal S/A, our forest management aims to produce pine and eucalyptus wood specifically for the plywood industry, with a focus on long cycles, seeking to increase the productivity and quality of wood through genetic improvement, in addition to the rationalization of exploited resources, respect for the communities in its area of ​​influence and commitment to the conservation of natural ecosystems.

By supporting responsible forest management practices, Palmasola S/A helps promote the sustainability of ecosystems and long-term environmental, social and economic benefits. And through our Wood Purchasing Policy we declare and emphasize this commitment.

Wood Purchase Policy

Through our Wood Purchasing Policy, we are committed to following the requeriments os the FSC-STD-40-005 V3-1 Standard regarding the consumption of controlled wood in organizations holding the FSC® certificate. For this, Palmasola S/A is committed to:

  • Acquire wood from properties that are in accordance with environmental legislation, and may not, under any circumstances, be from areas of reserves or parks.
  • Acquire wood from organizations that prove to be in compliance with environmental and labor laws, not violating civil rights.
  • Do not purchase wood from areas related to forest degradation from the local community and/or indigenous peoples.
  • Do not acquire wood from genetically modified forests and/or forest areas undergoing conversion to plantations or any non-forest use, or where the form of forest management is threatening high conservation values.
  • The organization must carry out a risk analysis for the purchase of non-certified wood that will be used in certified products.
  • Apply risk mitigation measures to all its suppliers of controlled forest raw materials, encompassing, at a minimum, all control measures established by the National Risk Assessment FSC-NRA-BRA-V1-0.
  • In the event, when there is a need to purchase wood from regions considered at risk, the organization must designate a qualified employee to carry out a technical visit to the supplier company in order to guarantee the source of the raw material.
  • For purchase of blades, they must be identified with the company name, invoice number (lot) and dimensions, and blades outside the required standard must not be accepted and these must be discounted and subject to price reduction.
  • Payments of fees and taxes related to the exploitation and sale of timber must be guaranteed.

Verification of controlled wood suppliers

Palmasola S/A internally defines a procedure for risk analysis in the purchase of wood and acquisition of forest raw material, called the Due Diligence System (DDS). The DDS of Palmasola S/A was prepared by professionals trained and qualified in forest management and geoprocessing, and is based on the FSC-STD-40-005 standard, which aims to avoid the use of wood from sources considered unacceptable by the FSC® , being them:

  1. Illegally harvested wood;
  2. Wood harvested in violation of traditional and human rights;
  3. Wood from forests which high conservation values ​​are threatened by management activities;
  4. Wood from forests being converted to plantations or non-forest use; and
  5. Wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted.

You can contribute to our assessments through the public search, avaiable in portuguese (click on the link to download):