Plywood composed of rigorously selected wood veneers glued together with 100% waterproof WBP phenolic resin. Its distinctive feature is the waterproofing treatment on surfaces with phenolic resin. The edges are sealed with waterproofing paint that help in the preservation of the product. Recommended for outdoor use and concrete formwork.
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Product Composition

  • Cover / back cover (external blades) of hardwood (hardwood), cores (internal blades) of hardwood and reforested pine;
  • Selected blades of wood overlaid in alternating order, one by one in odd number, with covers in the same direction;
  • Blades glued together with WBP phenolic resin, 100% waterproof, LD 380 g/m2 and containing at least 35 percentage points in solid contents;
  • Pressed at an average temperature of 135 ° C with specific pressure of 15 kg/cm2;
  • Covered with phenolic film with international quality standard
  • Top sealed with waterproof.


Thickness Layers
4mm 3 Layers
6mm 3 Layers
9mm 3 Layers
12mm 5 Layers
15mm 7 Layers
17mm 7 Layers
18mm 7 Layers
21mm 9 Layers
22mm 9 Layers
24mm 11 Layers
25mm 11 Layers