Palmafilm plywood is suitable for external use in construction, obtaining high performance for concrete and a large number of reuses.

Composition: It is a Palmasola’s exclusive quality product, composed of wood veneers which are rigorously selected, prioritizing quality and durability, bonded with phenolic resin and coated with phenolic or melaminic film. Edges sealed with acrilic paint to helps repelling moisture. In ideal handling conditions, it allows up to 20 reuses.

Coating Options: Palmafilm plywood is offered with 2 coating options:

  • 125 g/m² phenolic film on both sides;
  • one face coated with MDO and one face with 125 g/m² phenolic film (MDO face promotes a high performance application for shuttering).

Finishing Options: calibrated, coated and edges sealed.

Medium density: between 500 and 650 kg/m³

Dimensions: available on request in different sizes and thicknesses, make your inquiry.