The Palmasola Madeiras e Colonização LTDA was founded with the social objective of industrializing, exploiting the timber trade and colonizing land.

It began exporting lumber through Iguassu Falls – PR, by dry ports of Santo Antônio do Sudoeste – PR and Dionisio Cerqueira – SC.

It Started trading fuels and lubricants.

It Turned into S/A, with privet capital, Its name became “Palmasola Madeiras e Colonização S/A”.

It incorporates the power plant of Capetinga Ltda, which until today it generates energy for the machinery of the industry.

It dates when the Agricultural activity started, and it remains until today with the production of corn, soybean, seeds of soybean and other crops.

It started the production and trading of mechanical wood pulp.

Export of wood blades to Argentina. Currently the products are exported, to some part of Argentina and most of them to the European market, they are compensated and batten of woods of Amescla and Pinnus.

The company changes its social objective for industry and commerce of raw and manufactured wood, laminated and wooden plate, industry and trade of mechanical pulp, cardboard and correlate, commerce in fuels and lubricants and parts in general, commerce of grains.

Palmasola inaugurated its new branch in Brasnorte / MT.

PALMASOLA S/A builds 2 power plants and achieves self sufficiency in power generation.